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Small Steps Music Student Policy


1. Lessons are at the same time and day every week.

2. Lessons begin promptly for your scheduled slot. There will be no make-up time to account for a student's tardiness.

3.  Payments for the month must be made using cash, check or paid online by the first lesson of each month. Payments made by check should be made out to "Small Steps Music".

4.  There is a one-time $40 registration fee for new students enrolling in the school. This amount will be applied to your first invoice.

5.  Small Steps Music will not provide make-ups for cancelled lessons or give credit for missed lessons. If Small Steps Music cancels a lesson, you will not be charged.

6.  Discontinuation of lessons requires a two-week notice and tuition must be paid during the last two weeks of lesson.

7.  Please do not attend your lesson if you are sick with a contagious disease as illness means cancelled gigs, lessons and lost income.

For a downloadable PDF copy, please click here.